FOX's Paccoin Mining Pool ($PAC)

We Want to make $PAC mining available to everyone!

FoxD mining Pool is 0% so far...

Our Servers are located on Google Cloud scalable instances (EU)

Payments are processed every 10min

Balance confirmation after 101 blocks

Miner Configuration

Here you will find the necessary connection information needed to mine $PAC.

There are three available Connection URLs, each with its own difficulty.

We recommend using NiceHash or ASICS mining.

Mine with

AMD/Nvidia GPUs

Connection URL:stratum+tcp://

Starting Difficulty: 0.5

Mine with


Connection URL:stratum+tcp://

Fixed Difficulty: 100

Connection URL:stratum+tcp://

Starting Difficulty: 5000

Connection URL:stratum+tcp://

Starting Difficulty: 7500

Connection URL:stratum+tcp://

Starting Difficulty: 10000

GPU/CPU mining Programs


Download: NiceHash SGMINER

example: Create a sgminer.json file and insert this text. run with sgminer.exe -c sgminer.json

{"pools" : [
            "poolname" : "FOX Pool",
            "url" : "stratum+tcp://",
            "user" : "PAC Receive wallet address",
            "pass" : "x",
            "algorithm": "x11"


Download: cpuminer-multi


cpuminer-gw64-corei7.exe -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u $PAC-Receive-Address.WorkerAddress -p "",

NiceHash example settings

Important News

Date: 2018-Apr-24

The pool is from today 0% Fee!

Date: 2018-Apr-17

We upgraded the pool wallet daemon to work correctly with protocol 70213. Downtime was less than 2 minutes

Date: 2018-Feb-21

Date: 2018-Feb-19

We added two high diff ports for NiceHash or alternatives
Difficulty 7.500| stratum+tcp://
Difficulty 10.000| stratum+tcp://

Date: 2018-Feb-18

$PAC Coin got Listed on @TradeSatoshi and will be live for trading shortly !

Date: 2018-Feb-16

50% Bonus payments to miners who were on block 13824 were processed !

Date: 2018-Feb-14

Mining over 5T-> on port 3064 is again open for mining! Thanks for your patience !

Date: 2018-Feb-13

50% block reward bonus during high difficulty blocks until 13824.
Details on $PAC Discord in #important-news#!
Will be paid in combined bonus payment at end of period payouts.

Pool Configuration

Current pool settings.