FoxD proposal 08/09/10 2018

Ladies and Gents, I decided it is time for me to make a proposal.


I'm an active $PAC non-official 'developer' sailing this boat in good or bad weather from day 1

This is a 3 month cycle proposal, which may be resubmitted again with a new budget according the market at the time.

The proposal budget will help me work, expand and improve $PAC ecosystem to the best of my ability.

Services provided:

  • 0% fee mining pool
  • $PAC stats
  • $PAC governance
  • $PAC Masternode Tools
  • $PAC Masternode Monitoring


I am asking for $PAC 500k/mo which will cover a 3mo budget cycle.

The cost will cover the following

  • 35% for hardware/cloud expenses (current infrastructure, new servers, testnet dev environment)
  • 10% software licenses
  • 50% development costs and maintenance
  • 5% other costs

Discord Contact: foxD#0976


Copy and paste the command below in your $PAC wallet debug Console:

gobject vote-many 021315a54bb6cfdad940f83bf289cdf39a5b87e4d801cd9378e03666d3ab8cc4 funding yes